Whatever Y’all Order Your Paw To Volition Prosper: Claim Too Act


In past times time, I shared alongside you lot almost the championship inward 2 parts, “Whatever You Lay Your Hands On Shall Prosper”. Now, today, I would similar to portion alongside you lot almost to a greater extent than data inward a novel title, “Whatever You Put Your Hand To volition Prosper: Claim And Act” inward this weblog because the onetime championship is made high insight daily inward reading. So, inward this lesson, I would similar to demonstrate you lot almost how you lot tin prosper inward whatever you lot pose your manus to.

Your natural language is powerful. It tin brand you lot prosperous or failure, depending on what you lot say. You drib dead what you lot say you lot pose your hands on. You instruct what you lot say inward your mouth. Putting your hands to way claiming what you lot want. Do you lot desire to drib dead a multi-millionaire or a billionaire? Take your coin out of your bag in addition to pose your manus on money, proverb inward a squall 3 times: “I desire to drib dead wealthy inward future” in addition to human activity it.

If you lot desire to drib dead a successful entrepreneur, pose your manus on whatever type of trouble organisation you lot desire to start, claim boldly: “I desire to drib dead a successful entrepreneur in addition to human activity it seriously”.

If you lot desire to drib dead a best gospel preacher inward the world, pose your manus on Bible in addition to claim it: “I desire to drib dead a best preacher inward the world”. Say it boldly. Do it 3 times. If you lot desire to survive of wisdom similar King Solomon inward a regime control, inward controlling economy, school, inward exams, trade, or business, inward writing or whatever position, pose your manus on your brow in addition to claim 3 times, I desire to survive wise similar King Solomon.

You tin non drib dead neat successful inward leading, inward school, inward controlling, inward writing, etc without divine wisdom. If you lot desire to drib dead a best seller, a best leader, best governor, president, best footballer, successful entrepreneur, king/or queen, doctor, or whatever other career, etc, pose your manus on whatever of this in addition to claim it 3 times, merely equally Joseph inward the bible claimed his dream to his father, Jacob in addition to his eldest siblings 2 times God showed him for his future. A closed rima oris is a closed destiny, equally Bishop Oyedepo was quoted to say.

Claiming way faith. You believe that whatever you lot say volition come upwards to pass. Whatever you lot pose your manus to create shall prosper. Let me portion alongside you lot some cases equally an example. I create non recollect what I read stories inward books because it is a longer fourth dimension ago. I volition elbow grease to seat you lot some stories equally much equally I tin remember. Please don’t quote me inward this story.

You know Robert Schuller? How come upwards he built his ain beautiful church building Tower? When he read in addition to constitute what God Promised inward the Old Testament, thus he went out alongside his Bible in addition to pose his feet on this Earth in addition to proclaimed that he would survive going to construct this church. Whatever he said came to pass.

The minute representative is that a Nigerian homo I read inward Success Digest paper a long fourth dimension ago. That homo dreamed of his ain building. But he said fifty-fifty if I don’t receive got millions to construct a house, I volition drib dead in addition to construct this land.

So he went out to walk unopen to the uncompleted edifice to recognize how much he idea he would drib dead to construct that edifice in addition to came dorsum habitation each fourth dimension equally if he had already coin for building. May survive he was accused, proverb “How tin you lot drib dead unopen to the edifice in addition to recognize it every twenty-four hr menstruum when you lot don’t receive got millions to purchase that land?”

So when he came to this signal in addition to noticed it unopen to equally if he owned it, thus he called an estate agent in addition to said “Any seller who wanted to sell land, recollect me first. I desire to purchase the Earth fifty-fifty half”. So he planned to salvage coin for the role of a building. But he made a error because he soundless planned it when the agent ran upwards to his rented solid inward merely 2 days subsequently in addition to informed him some trunk wanted to sell the land.

And the homo did non give the agent an excuse. He merely ran in addition to met the onetime homo who wanted to sell land, beingness led past times the agent. When the onetime homo saw who wanted to purchase that his land, he took him to this Earth in addition to said I desire to sell Earth to you. 

Then the homo said to the onetime man, knowing he actually did non receive got plenty coin to purchase that, ‘Yes, I am set upwards to purchase that Earth if you lot agreed alongside me’. Then the onetime homo said,’ Yes. I am ready, what understanding is it?’ Then the homo said, ‘Can I pay you lot installment?’ To his surprise, the onetime homo accepted it quickly. That was how he began processing till he completed his ain house. He said inward interview that when he noticed unopen to the building, thus he set his manus on that building, claiming that he would drib dead to construct that same Earth fifty-fifty if i receive got niggling coin inward my savings bank.

Until you lot pose your manus to, your religious belief volition non work. Once you lot pose your manus to, your religious belief begins working. Even if you lot are non practiced at English, pose your manus on English linguistic communication Textbook or grammar, proverb boldly 3 times, I volition drib dead to survive practiced at English linguistic communication fifty-fifty best. If you lot are broke, pose your manus into your pocket, proverb 3 times, I volition receive got money. I volition drib dead in addition to instruct money.

Say boldly to coin inward your correct hand, “You are a merely a paper. I volition drib dead in addition to exercise you lot equally a tool to brand me rich in addition to you lot volition serve me in addition to my identify unit of measurement for life”. Faith won’t run inward your life you lot don’t pose manus on what you lot desire for future. Bible said Psalm 1: 3-4: “He shall survive similar a tree planted past times the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit inward his season; his atomic number 82 also shall non wither; in addition to whatsoever he doeth shall prosper. Faith volition get if you lot claim you lot volition drib dead to receive got in addition to human activity it.

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